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This web site is made for Non-Japanese speaking customers living in Japan. We ship ONLY inside Japan.

Our Noni comes from the Puna and Kona districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. On the slopes of long-slumbering volcanos, sun-ripened Noni fruit is handpicked, and then aged in the traditional Hawaiian way of our forefathers. When the juice is properly aged and bursting with health and vitality, it is shipped to Honolulu, and bottled under rigorously enforced sterile conditions.
Then ship by airfrieight to Japan, go through strict imported food inspection. ALOHA! NONI (R)100%JUICE is qualified by Japanese goverment and allowed to sell inside Japan.

We have been quietly selling our 100% Noni Juice to local markets and health food stores throughout the state of Hawaii. Recently, we have begun trying to expand our market. We painstakingly learned some of the hair-pulling intricacies of HTML, and laboriously built this humble web site. Our customers are amazed at the high quality and low prices of our noni juice and ask why our product cannot be found on supermarket shelves everywhere. The answer is we are a small family business and very down-home and low-key. We have been turned down by several major U.S. health food distributors who laughed at the simplicity of our labels. One reason our product is so reasonably priced is that we don't spend a lot of money on fancy packaging--an expense that would have to be passed along to our customers. We use carton boxes made by recycle material to ship juice and make labeles by ourselves. 

Thank you for your interest in our ALOHA! NONI (R)100%JUICE, and for visiting us here at our website. We hope your visit here was both interesting and informative, and that our modest efforts will induce you to add Noni Juice to your life.

Company Information
Name of the Company ALOHA SPIRIT
ADDRESS Chibaken Yotsukaido-shi Dainichi 428-40
PHONE/FAX 043-424-4840
OFFICE HOUR Business hoursF Fri.@10:00-17:30, Close Saturdays,Sundays and National holidays
Golden Week(end of Apirl to begining of May),Summer(mid Aug,) Christmas-New Years

Shopping Information
Shipping Cost Shipping Cost
Within Honshu area: 700Yen
Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyusyu, Okinawa: 1,050Yen
Shipping cost will be free of charge with over 15,000 Yen purchase.
C.O.D. Charge C.O.D. Charge
Yamato Delivery C.O.D. charge \300 will be add for each sales.
Producer Noni Connection Inc.(Hawaii, U.S,A.j
Method of payment We accept ONLY Yamato Delivery Collect(Cash) on Delivery Service.
Please pay in cash for merchandaise, shipping, handling and C.O.D. charge up on delivery.
Method of delivery Yamato Delivery Service. (Yamato Unyu or Takkyubin)
Terms of delivery When we have merchandise in stock we ship the goods within 2 business days.

When we don't have merchandise in stock, we ask you to wait for a few weeks.
Return Policy We DO NOT accept merchandise return AFTER the customer(s) break the seal.
If you received wrong merchandise by our mistake we will accept exchange or return by our expense.
Privacy policy Aloha Spirit does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or nonaffiliated companies except when we have your permission.
Because Noni Juice is considered as food or food supplement, not medicine or drug, we are unable to give you information such as effectiveness and/or testimonies from our customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact us

œ Business hours Fri.@10:00-17:00, Close Saturdays,Sundays and National holidays
Holidays: Golden Week(end of Apirl to begining of May),Summer(mid Aug,) Christmas-New Years(Dec.-Jan.)
œ e-mail us:
œ TEL& FAX@043-424-4840
When we are unable answer your call, please leave your name and phone number on the machine. We will contact you ASAP.